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The Luplollo Show



As you know, cats tend to put their butts on peoples faces. And people tend to move said cat off of their face so that breathing can become an eventuality. What is lesser known: the simple act of butts in faces is, quite frankly, how they plan to take dominion over the world. How do I know this? While I have yet to fully understand the intricacies, I myself live with two cats. Through many discussions with them, I have agreed to take on the role of Cat Ambassador, and as part of my duties, I am tasked to put as many cat butts in as many people's faces as possible. I take myself very seriously.


Meow Meow, mew meow meow mow meow. Mew mow mow meow meow mew meow meow. Meow meow mew: [lick] meow meow mew meow, mew, meoooooooooooooow. Mew? Meow meow mew mew, meow mow meow. Mew mow meow meow, mew meow meow meow meeeeeow mew meow mrr, meow mew mew meow mow. [lick lick]



Randy is an award-winning Art Director in advertising in Lexington, KY working with well-known national clients. He acquired his BA in Communication Design at Texas State University–San Marcos in 2007. He immediately moved to Santa Fe, NM where he developed his love for bold colors and highly graphic forms. After seven years, he moved to Lexington, KY where he has continued to progress as an artist through the use of relief printmaking frequently depicting subject matter related to food, humor and cats. In his most recent work, he builds on his early sensibilities of color, form and humor while layering in an exploration of texture.

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